For Artists Who Want to Turn Their Art into a Full Time Business

Double your productivity and turn your hobby into a full-time profitable business with Tracy’s Grow your Art Biz Planner.

Grow Your Art Biz

2021 Planner Available now!

Are you ready to turn your art into a profitable business?

In order to have a successful business you need to have a plan. If you don’t know what you want to achieve within your business, then how do you expect to grow and flourish? As my favourite quote goes;


Everyone is talking about goal setting these days, but it seems that not a lot of people aren’t actually doing it or don’t know how to turn their goals into a plan of action they can follow.

It’s easy for artists to find themselves busy going in a million different directions and not getting anywhere. If you are ready to finally let go of your never ending busy-ness then keep reading because we have the solution for you.

Are you ready to finally put a plan into action to take your business to the next level?

Setting goals is only part of the puzzle, if you don’t turn them into a plan you can realistically follow then you have no hope of achieving them.

Are you struggling to grow your art business? It’s time to set a plan into action…

Is this you?...

If you are anything like I was, being a creative, your head is always full of ideas and you just want to play in the studio. You know you need to promote yourself and work on your business, but you just aren’t interested in the business side of things and you’re not quite sure what to do to get your work out there and stand out.

So, you either don’t do anything, or you do a little bit of this and that, but struggle to get traction.

Are you ready to turn your art into a profitable business?

How would your life look if you?

  • Had a blueprint for your business so that you knew how to break up your time to enable you to spend more time doing the things you love in your business – like painting and making products
  • Were able to set functional goals and turn them into a plan so that you can see them come to fruition
  • Knew what steps you need to take to grow your business and knew exactly where you were heading
  • Stopped working on tasks that weren’t working and could focus on marketable ideas
  • No longer feared or avoided the “business” side of your art business because you knew what to do and felt good about it
  • Had less stress and worry because you knew you had a plan in place and time allocated for what you needed to do to actually achieve your goals.

Setting goals is only part of the puzzle, if you don’t turn them into a plan you can realistically follow then you have no hope of achieving them.


Introducing... Grow your Art Biz Planner

The most comprehensive planner designed to take your art business to the next level. I call it the artist’s best friend because it will be with you every step of the way.

Use this planner to work out the steps to take to grow your business in the right direction and help you to keep you on track to making it happen!

So, lets tick of those goals and get planning!

Grow your art biz planner pages

Here is how our planner is different from other planners available:

  • Targeted specifically to artists and designers.
  • Downloadable – so you can print off the pages you need when you need them.
  • Kickstarts your positive mindset with prompts and motivational tasks.
  • Lays down the foundations from goal setting to vision boards through to your weekly schedule to keep you on track and accountable.
  • Create a plan that fits your lifestyle, your business and your style.
  • Everything in one place – part business plan, part diary, part notepad – combine your goals, action plan, marketing plan, calendar, ideas and to-do lists all in one place.
  • Designed for daily use by busy people who don’t have time for long written journal writing
  • Designed to help you grow your following with social media strategy, tips and ideas.
  • Template for writing a press release – traditional avenues are still alive. Don’t underestimate a solid press release.
  • Print it off and use it year after year to track your business growth and to revisit your business goals.
  • Designed for artists starting out with their business right through to artists that have been in business for a while.
  • Created by an artist and designer who has run her own businesses her entire life!

The tip with successful goal setting is to work backwards from your desired result to determine the plan of action that you need to take to get there. Grow Your Art Biz Planner steps it all out for you. No more walking blindly and hoping that what you are doing will work.

This planner will help you to:

By breaking down your long-term goals into more manageable tasks you are guaranteed to be on your way to business success.

Grow your Art Biz Planner Ideal Week

Based on Tracy’s 20+ years of experience in the creative industry from owning her own fashion boutiques, to designing her own range of fabric prints to create a point of difference in the fashion world. 

Combining her love of fashion and art has seen Tracy develop a strategy to operating a creative business. She has helped many of her students develop successful business where they turned their passion into a real functioning business and now she wants to share her secret to success with you!

Here's what's inside your Grow Your Art Biz Planner:

  • Goal setting
  • Vision board
  • Yearly calendar
  • Plan of Action
  • Ideal Week Schedule
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Brainstorming Pages
  • 90-day action plans
  • Monthly calendar
  • Monthly marketing
  • Monthly tracking
  • Weekly tracking
  • Weekly schedule
  • Quarterly reviews
  • Social media tips
  • Press release template
  • To do list
  • Space for notes and ideas
Grow Your Art Biz Planner
Quarterly Goals

Grow Your Art Biz Planner is conveniently broken down into weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals so that you can track your progress and stay on track. After every quarter you can sit back and review what you have done and achieved over that quarter and plan for the next quarter. You can assess what worked, what didn’t work and what you can do to improve.

The idea of the planner is to make it easy for you to create a plan of action and stay on track

It really is the perfect time management tool for your art and design business.

New Pages for 2021:

  • Instagram Post Ideas
  • Instagram Feed Planner
  • Marketing Email Planner
  • Blog Post Planner
  • YouTube Video Planner
  • Accomplishment Tracker
  • Budget Tracker
  • Audience Tracker
  • Custom Tracker
  • Product Pricing Sheet
  • Year at a Glance Pre-Planner
Marketing Planning Pages
Planner Tracking Pages

Get Instant Access!

Download your planner today!
$ 19
Usually $49.95
  • Download & print the pages you want
  • Develop a plan that you can implement on your own
  • Step-by-step goal tracking
  • Receive all future updates

Like anything, no one can spoon feed you to be successful. You have to put in the hard work and the elbow grease to create your ideal business, but we are here to guide and inspire you that it is possible to grow a successful business.

Tracy Saywell

Hi. My name is Tracy Saywell.

I am an artist, textile designer, fashion designer, entrepreneur, author and teacher.
Some might even resort to calling me a jack of all trades. But to be honest I am just so passionate about the creative industry and supporting and empowering fellow artists.

I have spent my entire life designing, painting, creating and sharing my passion and knowledge with others. I didn’t do a formal business degree at university. I just got in and followed my dream. And so can you. I love sharing what I have learnt over my expansive career with fellow artists and designers.

I want to give fellow artists a system to help them achieve their business goals and succeed. To create goals and implement the necessary steps to overcome the enormity of business.

I know what you are thinking. Is this really for me?

Well my answer to you is that if you want to grow your business in the right direction, then yes, this planner is for you.

If you want to be ticking of weekly, monthly, yearly goals. Yes, this planner is for you!

We have done the hard work for you. All the steps have been done for you. All you need to do is fill in the blanks and away you go.

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and put in the time to get your art biz closer to your earth-shattering goal?

Don’t let another year go by before you launch your art business. Don’t let the fear of the unknown scare you into not starting. If you don’t start you will never get anywhere.

I don’t want you to look back in 6 months’ time wondering what could’ve been if you only got clear on the steps you need to take and took action. There has never been a better time to launch yourself into your art biz and start being proactive.

Do you honestly believe that if you keep doing things the same as you are right at this moment, will you end up where you want to be in your art biz?

The answer is probably no!

The only way to make a difference in your business is to take a different approach and do things differently.


You have questions. I have the answers.

Let me ask you this question. How far have you gotten with your art biz on your own? If the answer is not too far then there is your answer. If you want to establish your business and grow it to one day be your full till gig, then this planner is for you.

For a small investment you receive a lifetime of knowledge.

If you dream of creating a profitable art business then you are ready for this planner. Start small and dream big.

You must start somewhere. Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor are businesses. If you dedicated a few hours each day to your business soon you will see just how far you have come. I understand how scared you must be feeling. Uncertain about putting yourself out there and failing. I get it. I’ve been there before.  This planner was designed with busy people in mind. By breaking down your goals into a simple plan of action you will save hours of wasted time because you will know what to focus on when to achieve your goals.

It is honestly up to you and your business goals. Some people receive their download and can’t put it down and have powered ahead and actioned a lot of goals others do a few hours every day. It will depend on your lifestyle and how much time you are willing to sacrifice for your art business. You can pick out the pages that you find most useful to you and just use them, or use the whole planner as a dairy (*bible) that you can record all your ideas and to-do lists in.

That’s fine. This planner is a download so you can start it whenever you feel. Simply print off the quarter that you want to focus on.

Yes! Whether you classify yourself as a designer or artist, this planner is designed for you!

This is a dated planner – however we release updates with new dates at no extra charge! However it is also a perpetual planner too – the only sections that are dated are the yearly and monthly calendars, the rest can be used perpetually.

No. Unfortunately we only offer the planner as a digital download. You are welcome to take the file to be printed at your local copy shop and have it bound.  We also have the planner sections available per quarter so you can print one quarter at a time if desired.


Turn your dream into a reality with my Grow your Art Biz Planner and don’t look back.

Don’t be afraid to dream big and set big gaols. Dreaming big allows you to grow. How amazing would it be to see your business sky rocket?

Get Instant Access!

Download your planner today for only $19.95 (usually $49.95)

Grow your Art Biz Planner
Planning pages
Marketing pages

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