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Abstract Wonderland

Abstract Wonderland

Create an Abstract Wonderland Masterpiece in Acrylics

This one day workshop will explore techniques to create abstract expressionist landscapes combining patterns and layers with plants and animals to create your own magical wonderland. Learn how to create bold and colourful graphic abstracts by layering with acrylics, inks and marker pens.

You will use acrylic paints and incorporate acrylic markers, pastels and inks to build a dynamic expressionistic landscape. Design your own graphic elements and take inspiration from various sources to create your own unique world filled with layers of pattern, colour, animals and plants.

The Workshop Will Cover:

  • How to use various sources for inspiration to design your wonderland
  • Creating a colourful ground as the foundation of your artwork using acrylics and inks
  • Picking your colour scheme and balancing your design
  • Using patterns and shapes to create an interesting landscape
  • How to create an interesting composition
  • Building up your acrylic layers
  • Designing shapes, patterns, plants and animals
  • Work to a theme and tell a story
  • Learn how to make your own inks
  • Use storytelling in your art to create an interesting piece
Acrylic Abstract Layers web


  • Use of All Paints Provided! Acrylics, Inks, Pastels.
  • Instructional notes provided.
Expressionist Landscape


We provide the paints, you just need to bring or purchase your own canvas.

  • A canvas: You are free to select the size you desire but we recommend approximately 45.7cm x 91.4cm/18″ x 36″ canvas.
  • Brushes (or purchase a brush set)
  • A visual art diary if you have one and a pen.
  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for painting in!
  • Bring a jacket or jumper as the classroom can be cold.


20 Mar 2021


9:30 am - 4:30 pm




1 Day




Tracy Saywell
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