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Atelier Acrylic Paints & Mediums Demonstration

If you have you ever wondered how to achieve various effects with your acrylics or how or why to use different mediums this demonstration will demystify what you can do with acrylic mediums!

Atelier is an Australian made and owned brand of Acrylics that is loved and used by artists around the world. It is unique from other acrylics paints in that after it has dried you can reactivate it using their unique Unlocking Formula medium – something that can only be done with Atelier acrylics! This gives the artist freedom to continue to work on their painting and blend or alter what they have painted even after it has dried!

In this demonstration, you will learn about a variety of different effects you can achieve working with the Atelier Acrylics and their fabulous mediums. If you’ve been confused about what different mediums do, why or when you should use them, then this demonstration will show you exactly what possibilities are available to use by incorporating different mediums into your painting process.

This demonstration is FREE, but only limited positions are available, so make sure you book in so you don’t miss out!

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07 Mar 2021




Morning Class


Clear Island Waters
13 Andros Court, Clear Island Waters QLD
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