June Oil Art Challenge

Over the past month we have been doing weekly challenges using the hashtag #2020isolationartchallenge. This challenge was inspired by the COVID19 pandemic and the isolation that many people felt during this time. We wanted artists to have something positive and fun to focus on amid the chaos of the world. Although the Corona Virus is still in our lives, we feel it is time for a change and to focus on a new challenge. Introducing #juneoilartchallenge.


June Art Challenge

This month we explore all things oil – traditional oil paint, oil sticks, oil pastels and water soluble oils. Each day there is a new prompt to get your imagination going and spark creativity.

Follow @articciart on Instagram to receive tips and inspiration for using all types of oil mediums.

New to oils?

If you have never used oils before you could start this challenge using oil pastels. If you don't have any oil pastels we stock a few options in our art supplies store.

Oil pastels are not crayons. Oil pastels are very different in how they are used and what they are made of. Oil pastels are made using wax and oil which creates the soft, creamy texture and enables them to be colored and blended while crayons are made from was making them harder and more difficult to blend and manipulate.

Over the month we will share tips and advice for getting started with oil paints. 

Stay tuned for our beginners guide to oil painting!  

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Cray Pas Oil Pastels 36 pack
June Oil Art Challenge Prompts

Copy the above image and save to your phone or computer desktop. You might even like to print it out and glue into your art journal or stick on your wall in your art studio or in a prominent position on the fridge. Re-share the image on your Instagram wall and post to Facebook to help get the challenge moving. Tag your friends and fellow art buddies and share the fun together.

Save the Prompt List

Here is the prompt list for #juneoilartchallenge if you would like to cut and paste it into a separate document to store on your phone or computer and print out for your art journal:

1. Flamingo

2. View from your window

3. Sgraffito still life using oil pastels

4. Cross section of a vegetable

5. Jungle theme

6. Abstract inspired by the sunset

7. Be inspired by your favourite shoe

8. Use a monochromatic color scheme

9. Rub out areas of oil pastel

10. Create a print

11. Favourite cocktail

12. Animal print

13. Inspired by Van Goghs Starry Night

14. Your hand

15. Tropical leaves

16. Your fave song lyrics

17. The last place you travelled 

18. Something that inspires you

19. Self portrait

20. Use a palette knife to paint a bird

21. Put on your favourite song & paint

22. Cling wrap over wet paint

23. Paint the sky outside your window

24. Close up of a butterfly wing

25. Paint what is directly in front of you

26. Facial features

27. Landscape

28. The essence of your pet

29. A place you dream of visiting

30. Something under the sea

How to participate

To be apart of this fun and exciting challenge all you have to do is follow @articciart on Instagram and share your creations on your page using the hashtag #juneoilartchallenge.

Don’t feel that you have to use the daily prompts. If creativity is flowing follow that lead but remember to post your creations using the hashtag #juneoilartchallenge.

Follow the hashtag #juneoilartchallenge and interact with others in the challenge by commenting and liking their posts. Bonus – this helps engagement for good Instagram Juju.

It is completely up to you how you interpret the daily prompts. There is no right or wrong solution. They are there to spark your imagination.

#juneoilartchallenge is about inviting you to experiment and play with all things oil in a stress free, fun and non-judgemental environment. Artworks don’t have to be large, the idea is to create a daily art practise. Don’t think of it as having to do a large painting. Get out your art journal (if you prefer) and practice your skills everyday.

Who is #juneoilartchallenge for?

This challenge is for ANYONE who wants to boost their creativity and push their comfort zones. No experience is necessary just start.

The goal of the challenge is to:

  • Improve your creative skills and think creatively
  • Explore new mediums you might not have considered
  • Improve your productivity
  • Develop new ideas that may not have arisen otherwise
  • Start a daily art practice
  • To have fun

Tools you will need:

  • Visual art journal or art paper
  • Oil pastels or
  • Water soluble oils or
  • Traditional oil paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Pens and pencils
  • Small canvases/canvas paper (if you have them)
Water Soluble Oil Pastels

Check out our online store, www.articci.com for all your art supply needs.

For a more economic set of water-soluble oils we recommend Mont Marte’s water soluble oils. They are a great set with a wide range of colours, or you can buy individual colours.

(Mont Marte is discontinuing this fabulous line, so if you are interested in trying water soluble oils it is a great time to purchase these before they are no longer available - the Mont Marte water mixable oils are the cheapest available and is very good quality for the price.)

If you already have some oils but want to expand your color palette, we stock Holbein Duo Aqua oils. They are divine to use, come in a wide range of colours and are considered the best water soluble oils available.

Holbien paint

Enjoy #juneoilartchallenge and don't forget to post your creations onto your social pages using the hashtag #juneoilartchallenge and tag @articciart. I can't wait to see what you create.

June Oil Art Challenge by Articci
June Oil Art Challenge by Articci week 1
June Oil Art Challenge by Articci week 2
June Oil Art Challenge by Articci week 3
June Oil Art Challenge by Articci week 4 & 5

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June Oil Art Challenge

June Oil Art Challenge

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