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Artist’s Mixing Colour Wheel 23cm


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This Color Wheel Company Artist’s Colour Wheel is an important learning tool for artists of all ages. One side teaches colour mixing, and the other side demonstrates colour harmonies.

Colour Wheels are essential tools for artists to learn colour relationships by organizing colours in a circle so you can visualize how they relate to each other.

To use the colour wheel turn the dial so the arrow points to a pure colour in the outer row. The outer row of the colour wheel shows primary, secondary and intermediate colours and shows the results of mixing those colours with different primary colours. There is also a grey scale guide on the front side of the wheel as well.

On the back side of the colour wheel, colour schemes and relationships are shown using the diagram in the centre and the tints, tones and shades of each colour on the outer edge of the colour wheel.

Ideal for artists, designers, illustrators, architects , interior decorators and teachers.

  • 23cm Diameter
  • Two Sided Colour Wheel
  • Includes Colour Mixing Guide
  • Complementary, Split Complementary, Triad and Tetrad Colour Schemes
  • Gray Scale guide
  • Colour Terms and Definitions


Weight0.04 kg
Dimensions25 × .5 × .5 cm

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