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Atelier Moulding Paste 250ml


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Atelier Moulding Paste 250ml

Atelier moulding paste is a very thick, textural paste used for exaggerated structure. Moulding Paste has the same flexibility as Atelier paints and is used to create strong textural interest at any stage in a painting’s process. Dries white. Can be mixed with paint to produce a coloured ground or painted over once dry.

No need to dilute – use directly from the container. Atelier Modelling Compound can also be used as an economical paint extender: mixed with Atelier Colours, it does not reduce the viscosity of the paint.

Acrylic Painting applications: Generally used as an impasto/texturing material that is painted over when dry. Enables you to build massive, impasto areas in a painting either before commencing to paint or at any stage in the painting process. It has a similar flexibility to paint and does not need medium added when applied to canvas.

May be used as a pigment-less gesso on neutral white surfaces, such as paper. Excellent for roughing up a painting which is becoming too slick. Atelier Modelling Compound provides a good tooth for glazing techniques. For even rougher textural effects, simply add sand, sawdust, etc.

Oil Painting applications: Atelier Modelling Compound can be used for under-texture in oil paintings, but as it is water-based, it must be applied before the oil paint.


Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions7 × 7 × 9.5 cm

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