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Derwent Pastel Pencils


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Derwent Pastel Pencils allow you the beauty of working with soft pastels with the control of a pencil.  Lay down dense colour with the soft, powdery, smooth texture of the wide colour core pastel pencil and add fine, crisp detail as required.

The smooth, round barrels are 8.0 mm wide and made from California incense cedar wood for maximum control when drawing and sketching. The pastels have a soft, powdery texture with a velvety smooth finish.

Pastels are naturally water-soluble so can be used with water to create light washes.

The colours in each Derwent Pastel Pencil Tin Set have been carefully chosen to ensure the maximum number of colours can be mixed from each set. Enjoy building layers on top of each other and creating new tints and hues. To find out more about the colours in each tin, please download the colour chart here.
Set of 24 pastel pencils.
  • Highly pigmented
  • Fine chalk texture
  • Easy to blend
  • Ideal for portraiture and life studies
  • These pencil have an extra wide, 4.0 mm pastel strip
  • The extra wide pastel strip gives you the flexibility to create both broad and fine strokes
  • There are 24 pastel pencils in this set.
Weight0.38 kg
Dimensions24 × 20 × 1.5 cm

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