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Ecoline Brush Pens Set 10


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Ecoline Brush Pens dispense vibrant Ecoline Liquid Watercolour paint, ready for immediate use – they are virtually Ecoline inks in a pen – and have flexible brush nibs which you can treat like a traditional paintbrush. Ecoline brush pens are water soluble when dry, allowing colours to be reworked and can be used on paper, board or surfaces which have been prepared with watercolour ground.

You can use the Brush Pen for thin, precise lines or for energetic strokes, but also for filling in large colour sections. The Brush Pen is suitable for both a quick sketch and adding the finishing touches. By varying the angle and pressure of the brush pen it is possible to create long and flowing lines of varying width. The concentrated formula of Ecoline in the Brush Pens ensures for a seamless transition with the Ecoline liquid watercolour from the bottles.

Ecoline inks are not highly lightfast therefore these pens are most useful for design work or for creating colour sketches which will used as reproduction prints. It is best to store artworks using Ecoline ink in a portfolio for optimal colour retention.


  • Highly Concentrated Ecoline watercolour
  • Matches Ecoline Ink colours
  • Flexible Brush Nib
  • Creates intense colours or soft blended watercolour effects
  • Use the brush pens to create illustrations, for hand lettering or even in mixed media artworks
  • Pre-filled with Liquid Watercolour Paint which produces a vibrant, watercolour effect
  • Versatile nib ensures flowing lines of varying width
  • Odourless

This set includes 10 Ecoline Brush Pens in the following colours: Lemon Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Deep Orange, Scarlet, Magenta, Blue Violet, Ultramarine Deep, Sky Blue (Cyan), Black, Green.

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