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Jo Sonja’s Gloss Varnish Water-Based


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Jo Sonja’s Gloss Varnish Water-Based

Jo Sonja’s  Polyurethane Water Based Gloss Varnish is a durable formulation for indoor and outdoor use.

Jo Sonja’s Polyurethane Varnishes dry clear and are non-yellowing. It is water based and can be cleaned up with water. Apply with a broad flat brush or a sponge roller. Do not use over oil-based paints or oil-based antiquing finishes. Do not add water. For use on hard surfaces such as wood and board. Not suitable for use on paper, canvas or other flexible surfaces.

  • Use varnish at full strength, if thinning is necessary, add drops of Flow Medium or Retarder. Do not over dilute.
  • Apply thin layers in a criss-cross motion using a soft but firm brush suitable to surface size.
  • Smooth coat by brushing final strokes in the direction of the wood grain.
  • Allow to air dry a minumum of an hour before applying additional coats. Drying time depends on climate and humidity.
  • Apply 3 coats before sanding. Sand lightly if 24 hours lapse between coats to ensure adhesion.
  • For alcohol resistant finish, apply a minimum of 4 coats to varnish. Allow varnished item to cure 2 weeks before use.
  • Not recommended for use over any oil based products.
  • A hair dryer may be used to speed surface drying. Avoid excessive heat which could cause crazing.
  • Clean up with mild soap and cool water.
  • Approximate coverage 1ml = 251cm2
Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions20 × 7 × 7 cm

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