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Langridge Glaze Medium


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Glazing is the application of a layer of transparent paint that sits on top of existing painted areas not unlike a layer of coloured film. The transparent glaze can alter the colour of the painting beneath without obscuring the image.

The Damar Resin content in Langridge Glaze Medium gives brilliance to these glazes and allows for extraordinary luminosity as light passes through the glaze. For artists who wish to apply clean, bright glazes, it is recommended choosing transparent pigment based colours.

Because Langridge Glaze Medium is highly fluid it can be used for the controlled application of fine detail, however it is versatile enough to be used for broader techniques such as a watercolour style ‘wash’ effects without losing richness and vibrancy. Because of the Damar content, broad ‘washes’ using Glaze Medium have more ‘slip’ than Langridge Painting Medium in application.

Adding small amounts initially will aid the flow qualities of your oil paints. As you add more glaze medium to your oil paint, the transparency will be increased due to the further dispersion of the pigment throughout the medium.

Langridge Glaze Medium is formulated with a proportion of oil to solvent that can be used unrestrictedly in glazes and washes without risking unbinding the pigment from the oil.

After 20-30 minutes of applying Langridge Glaze Medium the surface will set-up to a tack that grabs any succeeding brush strokes. The wet, but tacky, paint surface can be readily painted into, even quite aggressively, without moving or disturbing the areas of fresh paint underneath. This allows for a wet-in-wet technique with very controlled manipulation of paint including soft blending.

Langridge Glaze Medium has a medium oil content and, as such, is a ‘fat’ medium. It should not to be used for under painting if oil colours with no additional medium are to be applied on top.

12-24 hours to touch dry. Any airflow over the surface will evaporate the solvent more rapidly which will reduce drying times. Full film drying 3-6 months

  • Create brilliant transparent glazes
  • Fluid for use in controlled fine detailed areas
  • Can be used for wash effects
  • Fat medium for using on top layers of your painting.
  • Dries to a Satin finish
  • 12-24 hours to touch dry.

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