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Langridge Low Toxic Solvent


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For an even lower toxicity solvent see Langridge’s Solvent 75.

Langridge Low Toxic Solvent is a completely odourless, low toxicity alternative to traditional artist’s solvents, reducing exposure to the more harmful compounds associated with turpentine, etc.

Use to add to oil colours, drying oils and oil mediums in small quantities to thin paint or clean brushes and painting equipment.

When using as a diluent on its own, only use small quantities with oil colours to avoid underbinding paint.

  • Low toxic
  • Odourless
  • Use to clean brushes and painting equipment.
  • Mix with drying oils and other mediums.
  • Completely odourless.
  • Incompatable with damar-based mediums.
  • Leaves no residue after evaporation.

Constituents: Refined aliphatic distillate of petroleum.

Low Toxic Solvent has a low solvent action (KB value) making it a highly useful for gentle removal of surface dirt from paint films. (Not recommended for thorough cleaning or varnish removal except by a trained conservator.)

Because of its construction, Langridge Low Toxic Solvent cannot be used for the home manufacture of artists’ varnishes (natural or synthetic). Damar Resin cannot be dissolved in Langridge Low Toxic Solvent or any other petroleum distillate.

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