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Langridge Underpainting Medium


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This medium is a highly fluid, lean medium for creating the underpainting or “first-sketch” of your oil painting.  Mixing this medium with your oil paint will allow you to create watercolour style wash effects without losing the richness and vibrancy of your oil colour.

Initially adding small amounts of the underpainting medium will aid the flow of your oil paint. As more underpainting medium is added to the oil colour the opacity of the paint will be reduced.

There is no need to worry about underbinding your oil paint with this fluid underpainting medium, you can use as much underpainting medium as desired to achieve your desired effect.

The advantage of using underpainting medium rather than diluting your oil paints with solvents/mineral spirits is that you can maintain the vibrant, richness of your oils and avoid the potential for underbinded paint which could dust or flake off or look dull, dry or lifeless.

This is a lean medium and should not be used on top of fat or slow drying layers of paint.

Low oil content for rapid drying, minimising the chances of cracking when overpainting with full strength colours.

Drying time: 18-36 hours to touch dry.

Contains gum turpentine.

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