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Matisse Impasto Medium MM2


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Matisse Impasto Medium MM2

Use the Matisse Impasto Medium to add to your acrylic paint to make it heavy bodied and to create thick impasto texture in your artwork. Apply with a painting/palette knife in heavy blobs for thick impasto textured finish.

Can be applied straight (without mixing) onto the canvas and painted over with Matisse Structure paint.

Matisse Impasto Medium is a heavy bodied paint that is free from colour pigmentation. It is most valuable for replicating oil painting brush strokes, particularly where heavy built up areas of colour are required.

Matisse Impasto Medium dries to a low sheen, which is similar to the sheen on a dried paint film of acrylic paint. This medium has a milky opacity and is not suitable as a transparent glue. However, when dried, it does not alter the richness of Matisse paints.

Do not use MM2 Impasto Medium as a transparent glue or size where its slightly milky opacity could cause some “cloudiness”.


250ml, 1 Litre


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