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Polymer Clay Tools Set


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Polymer Clay Tools Set

This Polymer Clay Tools Set contains essential items for working with polymer clay. No matter if you are making jewellery or modelling with your clay these items are essential. This set includes 2 tissue blades – one long and flexible and one shorter stiffer blade, an acrylic roller and an acrylic sheet.

The acrylic roller will enable you to condition your clay and roll it out into a slab.

The acrylic sheet is perfect for rolling out your clay into a slab ready for cutting or moulding.

Tissue blades make cutting and lifting your clay off your surface much easier. The long tissue blade is bendable making it possible to cut curved angles, slice long strips and lift the clay off the surface.  The shorter blade is stiffer and perfect for cutting through canes or thicker pieces where stability is needed.

  • 10cm and 20cm tissue blade cutters + safety containers
  • 15cm x 10cm acrylic sheet/backing board
  • 20cm x 2cm acrylic roller

Warning: Tissue Blades are Very Sharp! Practice caution when using!

Weight0.14 kg
Dimensions32 × 15 × 6.5 cm

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