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Schmincke Refined Walnut Oil


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Schmincke Refined Walnut Oil

Walnut Oil can be used to clean your brushes as well as a binding component for making your own oil paints, it can also be used as a painting medium, but use only a small amount as walnut oil is slower drying than linseed oil.

To clean your brushes with walnut oil, wipe the excess paint off your brush with a rag, then dip your brush into the walnut oil. Then using your rag wipe the oil paint off the brush. Repeat this process until the paint is removed. Make sure you then wash your brushes with warm water and mild soap a the end of the day – if you leave the oil in the brush it will then dry and become unusable.   (Walnut oil makes the paint slide off the brush, as opposed to solvent which dissolves the paint).

  • Slower drying and less yellowing than linseed oil.
  • Only add small amounts (no more than 20%) to oil paint.
  • Great for cleaning your brushes, blending and glazing.


Weight0.18 kg
Dimensions8 × 6 × 12 cm

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