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Sennelier Half Pastels Paris Collection 120pc


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Sennelier Half Pastels Paris Collection 120pc

Sennelier Soft Pastels are one of the world’s largest chromatic pastel ranges and consist of high quality pure pigment finely grounded with a natural binder. The high quality composition of Sennelier’s pastels is the result of a perfect balance between binder and pigment, bueing unparalleled for their pigment intensity. For gradient shades, increasing amounts of mineral fines are added, ultimately tending towards white. The exceptional brightness is the result of the pigment and of the natural mineral fines discovered by Sennelier in 1905 and that have been used ever since.

The manufacturing process of the Sennelier cylindrical pastel does not compress the paste and the pastel dries naturally in open air. The life span of a piece of work is guaranteed by the quality of the pastel, but also by the quality of the substrate. If a lot of overlapping is performed, it is preferable to fix between layers. Avoid, however, fixing the final layer too heavily, as the original tones will be lost.

This Paris Collection set contains a brilliant selection of 120 Sennelier Half Stick Soft Pastels, perfect for a variety of palettes and applications.  The Half Stick Pastel size have the same pigment and binder composition as the full sticks but are shorter and fatter and are valued for being sturdy and able to withstand extensive handling and travelling as well as for being a more economical way of purchasing a wide variety of colours.

The pastels in this box are kept secure by the foam lining within the box. Your pastels will remain safe and will not break while stored in it.

  • Contains 120 x Sennelier Half Stick Soft Pastels
  • Foam lined to ensure your pastels stay safe and secure
  • Wonderful art gift for any professional pastel artist, or as a treat for yourself
  • These highly pigmented oil pastels work on a variety of surfaces including canvas, paper, metal, wood, stone, and even glass
  • Create multi-media effects over oil, acrylic, pastel, or watercolor
  • Acid free
  • Made in France

This set contains the following colours:

Apple Green (205)
Apple Green (209)
Baryte Green (760)
Baryte Green (763)
Baryte Grn (764)
Bistre (061)
Black Brown (002)
Black Green (177)
Black Green (179)
Black Green (180)
Blue Grey (423)
Blue Grey Green (500)
Blue Grey Green (504)
Blue Violet (333)
Bright Yellow (341)
Bright Yellow (342)
Bronze Green Deep (158)
Brown Lake (267)
Burnt Madder (376)
Burnt Sienna (462)
Cadmium Yellow Light (297)
Cadmium Yellow Light (301)
Cadmium Yellow Orange (198)
Carmine (052)
Cassel Earth (412)
Cerulean Blue (257)
Cerulean Blue (264)
Chinese Vermilion (791)
Chinese Vermilion (795)
Chromium Green (231)
Chromium Green (233)
Chromium Oxide Green (182)
Cinereous Green (347)
Cinnabar Green (753)
Cinnabar Green (754)
Cinnabar Green (756)
Cobalt Blue (353)
Cobalt Blue (356)
Cobalt Violet (366)
Coral (920)
Flesh Ochre (016)
Forest Green (910)
Forest Green (916)
Forest Green (918)
Golden Ochre (127)
Golden Ochre (131)
Grey (515)
Helios Red (681)
Helios Red (685)
Helios Red (686)
Hot Brown (191)
Indigo (137)
Indigo (139)
Intense Blue (463)
Intense Blue (464)
Intense Blue (468)
Ivory Black (513)
Lawn Green (148)
Leaf Green (202)
Leaf Green (203)
Lemon Yellow (600)
Lemon Yellow (603)
Madder Carmine (378)
Magenta Violet (940)
Magenta Violet (944)
Moss Grey Green (168)
Moss Grey Green (169)
Moss Grey Green (171)
Mouse Grey (400)
Mouse Grey (402)
Mummy (104)
Naples Yellow (099)
Nasturtium Orange (930)
Nickel Yellow (901)
Nickel Yellow (904)
Night Blue (771)
Olive Green (239)
Olive Grey (449)
Olive Grey (453)
Orange Lead (037)
Orange Lead (038)
Persian Red (780)
Persian Red (782)
Prussian Blue (287)
Prussian Blue (288)
Prussian Blue (293)
Purple Blue (285)
Purplish Blue Grey (478)
Purplish Blue Grey (479)
Purplish Blue Grey (481)
Purplish Blue Grey (482)
Purplish Blue Grey (484)
Raw Sienna (508)
Raw Sienna (512)
Red Brown (006)
Reddish Brown Gray (428)
Reseda Grey Green (212)
Reseda Grey Green (213)
Sapphire Blue (621)
Steel Blue (710)
Steel Blue (713)
Turquoise Blue (745)
Turquoise Blue (732)
Turquoise Green (722)
Ultramarine Deep (388)
Ultramarine Deep (391)
Ultramarine Deep (392)
Ultramarine Deep (394)
Ultramarine Deep (395)
Van Dyck Brown (439)
Van Dyck Violet (406)
Van Dyck Violet (409)
Vermilion (083)
Vermilion Brown (079)
Violet Brown Lake (442)
Violet Brown Lake (444)
Viridian (252)
Viridian (256)
White (525)
Yellow Ochre (115)

Please note that the manufacturers will reserve the right to change the contents of a set without notice. This may happen without us being aware. Generally, this will be substitution of some colours.

Weight1.3 kg
Dimensions41 × 34 × 6 cm

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