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Super Cell Pouring Paint Kit 23pc – Mont Marte


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Super Cell Pouring Paint Kit 23pc – Mont Marte

Let your creativity flow with this Super Cell Pouring Paint Kit 23pc. This pouring kit contains five vibrant colours specially formulated to help get you some amazing cell effects – no extra mediums needed. Included in this pouring kit is also a silicone pouring cup, 3 x hexagonal canvases, gloves, mixing sticks, a drop sheet and an instruction booklet so you can get started creating flow art straight away!

These super cell pouring paints have great coverage and fluid consistency, making them suitable for a range of pouring art techniques. You can mix the included super cell pouring colours (Cadmium Red, Teal, Bright Yellow, Navy Blue and Titanium White) to create your own colours or incorporate these colours with your collection of standard acrylic pouring paints to add some cells to your pouring paintings.

This all-in-one kit has everything you need to create, including pre-mixed paints, canvases, accessories, and a handy instruction booklet to get you started.

This pouring kit includes:

  • 3 hexagonal canvas 15cm (6in)
  • 5 vibrant 30ml SuperCell acrylic pouring paints: Titanium White, Bright Yellow, Cadmium Red, Navy Blue, Teal
  • 100ml pouring cup
  • 10 wooden mixing sticks
  • 2 pairs of gloves
  • Drop sheet
  • Instruction booklet

These Mont Marte Super Cell Pouring Paints are:

  • Uniquely formulated to create stunning cells
  • Pre-mixed and ready to go, no need for additional mediums
  • Have smooth flow for amazing results
  • A great introductory pour paint set to hone your skills
  • Non toxic and water-based for easy clean up

Handy Hints:

  • Shake well before use to avoid paint separation occurring due to pre-mixing.
  • Mix additional pouring medium with your paints to increase flow
  • Lay artwork on a flat surface to dry for around 1-3 days (depending on thickness of paint)
  • Once dry, artwork can be varnished to increase colour vibrancy. Applying 1-2 coats, allowing 30mins to dry in between layers.

To reduce environmental impact:

  • Recycle excess acrylic paint at a recycling facility
  • To dispose of acrylic paint, make sure it’s completely dried out then dispose in bin
  • Wipe off residue on a rag, instead of washing down the sink
  • You can evaporate excess paint water by adding it to a large container placed outdoors in a well-ventilated area in full sun (mesh can be used to prevent animals drinking water)
Weight0.73 kg
Dimensions44 × 22 × 12 cm

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