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Wax Painting Paste


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Langridge Wax Paint Paste is a wax medium with a thick, buttery consistency that can be added to oil colour to add body or thickness. A highly stable impasto medium that extends oil colours whilst keeping a strong bodied brush or palette knife stroke. The wax holds its shape during and after full drying, without the dangers of ‘surface-crawl’ and excessive yellowing.

Keeps a bodied brush stroke for robust direct painting techniques. Natural matte quality of wax will reduce the gloss level of resulting paint films. Do not mix

By adding Wax Paint Paste in quantities over 70%, coloured translucent glazes are created. Using Wax Paint Paste as a glaze gives paintings a soft glow, particularly when used over pale background colours.

Because wax is not absolutely clear it will reduce the depth of tone of colours. For this reason. Wax Paint Paste is slow drying, allowing for a wet-in-wet technique with very controlled manipulation of paint including soft blending. As the paint is brushed out stroke-marks will be held in place. The Stand Oil base ensures pale colours stay bright even when used in high proportions with oil colours.

Please note: Langridge Wax Paint Paste is a very pale cream colour paste with a characteristic Gum Turpentine odour.

Full film drying 3-6 months.

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120ml, 500ml

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