Create a Resin Art Masterpiece!

Learn how you can create beautiful resin paintings which you could potentially sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars!

learn how to

Create Resin Art
nfor your home or to sell!

Resin paintings have soared in popularity and look amazing in modern home interiors.

If you have ever wondered how they are made and how you could make your very own resin paintings either for yourself or to make and sell to others, this online course will cover everything you need to know in order to create these stunning abstract resin artworks.

Learn the tricks to pouring resin over large boards in this online course with video footage of creating resin pours along with written notes and information on the required supplies and where to purchase the right resin to create these gorgeous artworks.

Follow along with the instructions and create your own stunning resin paintings to suit your home decor at a fraction of the cost of what artists are selling them for!


Step-by-step Resin n
Pouring Demonstration

  • How to prepare your work area to create your resin art in the most efficient and effective way
  • What supplies you need and how to get them
  • Tips for creating gorgeous artworks with great colour schemes, creating cells in your work and adding metallic pigments
  • Working safely with resin and getting the most from each pour
  • Tiling and torching your resin pour
  • Added lesson on how to cover an existing artwork with resin.

Use your Resin Art Skills to Create Resin Chopping Boards

You can use your new skills to create chopping boards, coasters, serving trays and other gorgeous home wares items which can be gifts for friends, or other products you can sell!u00a0


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Access to the course is lifetime (so as long as our business exists, you will be able to login and access the lessons).

The videos vary in length. We try to keep each video short so you don’t get bored. Most videos are under 10 minutes in duration.

In total the course includes 7 videos, totalling just over 30 minutes of video content – we try to keep it short (while still delivering all the key training) so you have time to consume the content without getting bored or distracted!

To create your own resin artwork you will need a wooden board, resin and paint pigments. You will also need a gas blow torch, mixing bowls and other disposable materials. We provide a full list of materials you need and how to find them in the course.u00a0

All content is online, you will receive immediate access following payment to watch the online videos and download the PDF guide included in the course.

The course is $149.u00a0

Because you get instant access to all videos and downloads, we are unable to offer refunds for this course.

Start creating your own resin artworks now!n

Get started straight away! Learn how you can create stunning resin paintings that you can proudly hang in your home or sell.