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Buy Alcohol Inks Online Australia

You may be on the hunt for the right and best alcohol inks as an artist. They are brightly colored dye-based paints that are typically used in creating free-flowing textures. Alcohol inks are fast drying and moisture-resistant as well as permanent once dry. The good news is that we sell the products you need to create the art that you desire. One reason you want to buy alcohol ink is that they are fast-drying and highly pigmented. They’re an excellent choice since they are versatile and work on a variety of hard, non-porous surfaces including glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, leather, and polymer clay.

We want to support you in your journey to creating art and applying your artistic capabilities when you choose. It’s easy to sort by popularity and buy alcohol inks online using our website and services. You’ll find there are a variety of colours, styles, and alcohol ink starter kit to pick from. We have a retail store in Gold Coast you should feel free to come and check out. Articci is an Australian business shipping Australia-wide if you aren’t able to stop into our store. We offer the best art supplies and workshops in the area and hope to see you soon.

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