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Pet Portraits

Create a painting of your beloved furry friend using acrylics and oils in this 3 day workshop!

You will work from a photo reference and will use projectors to draw up onto the canvas – so you do not need to be able to draw!

Pet portraits are growing in popularity and many artists are making money selling pet portraits on commission. Whether you just want to paint your own pet, improve your skills or learn the skills for painting pets and other furry animals so you can sell your work, this workshop will show you how.

Please send your photos in advance so we can approve that they are of good enough quality and lighting for painting to ensure a good result.

You will learn special techniques for painting fur using special brushes and dry brushing techniques.

  • Importance of underpainting
  • Creating a great background
  • The easiest way of painting fur
  • Create depth in the eyes and ensuring they look right
  • Essential tips and tricks for achieving a great result
  • Using layers in your painting.


05 - 07 Aug 2022


9:30 am - 4:30 pm




3 Days


Clear Island Waters
13 Andros Court, Clear Island Waters QLD
Tracy Saywell


Tracy Saywell
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