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Articci is Australia's Number 1 art supplies retailer and art classes and workshops institute. We offer the best supplies for your budget and specific needs with Fast Shipping Australia-wide from the Gold Coast. Browse Art Kits, Paint, Art Mediums & Varnishes, Pencils & Drawing Media, Painting Brushes, Accessories and more!

Join us in Gold Coast for monthly art classes and workshops in oil painting, acrylics, watercolour, mixed media, alcohol inks and more! Discover the artist within and learn how you can paint abstracts and realism. Come to a fun paint and sip class for a great night out with friends or come to a workshop to learn to paint like a professional artist.

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Art Supplies Australia

Looking for high-quality art supplies in Australia? Articci has you covered. We stock a wide range of art supplies covering everything from paint to easels, kitting you out with everything you need to create wonderful artwork.

Our wide range of supplies helps you channel your creativity and turn it into something great. We ship all across Australia from our Gold Coast warehouse, with fast and affordable shipping.

Art Kits

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re looking to top up your supplies, art kits have everything you need to get started. Containing brushes, paints, canvasses and more, art kits have all the tools to create beautiful art. Art kits make fantastic gifts, so if you’re looking to treat someone special, why not do it through art?

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Oil Paints

We stock a wide selection of oil paints to help you add to your collection. Oil paints are great for canvas, drying slowly to give you more time to work on your piece. Articci boasts one of the largest selections of oil paints in Australia, so enjoy browsing what we have and get your supplies delivered straight to your door.

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Acrylic Paint

Explore our range of acrylic paint colours to help you bring your next masterpiece to life. Choose from ready-mixed colours or pick up the basics to help you create your own colours. Acrylic paints are a popular choice for creating striking works of art and we can provide fast shipping across Australia to help you get your products in a hurry.

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Gouache paints can help you create some truly beautiful artwork. Made using natural pigments, water-based Gouache is a popular choice with modern artists, helping to create stunning matte or opaque paintings.

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Watercolour Paint

Watercolours are another popular type of paint that is loved by both beginners and experienced painters. Used to create incredible works of art, watercolours are easy to use. They were also the paint of choice for famous artist Vincent Van Gough, so why not give them a try and create your own watercolour masterpieces?

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Alcohol Inks

We sell a range of alcohol inks to help you create your perfect ink drawings. Available in plain colours as well as metallics, brights and pearl shades, you will find everything you need to create alcohol ink paintings at Articci Australia.

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Drawing Pencils

The right drawing pencils can help you create some truly stunning works of art. Explore one of Australia’s largest ranges of drawing pencils at Articci and get high-quality drawing pencils delivered to your home.

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Watercolour Pencils

Watercolour pencils are a fantastic way to create beautiful drawings and unleash your creative side. Articci supplies a large range of watercolour pencil products, shipping all across Australia to help cover all of your drawing needs.

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Charcoal Pencils

Charcoal drawings date back a long way, but it’s now even easier to create beautiful charcoal drawings with the help of charcoal pencils. Check out Articci’s full range of charcoal pencil products and enjoy high-quality art supplies in Australia.

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If you want to create beautiful art using pastels, Articci has you covered. We sell one of Australia’s largest ranges of pastel products, covering everything from pencils to oil pastels and accessories to help you fill up your art kit.

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Fine line drawings require the right tools to help them look their best. Explore Articci’s full selection of fineliners helps unleash the artist in you to help you create some amazing pieces.

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Erasers are a crucial art supply, and we have a wide selection of erasers and accessories to help complement your artwork. Take a look at our full range of erasers, with fast and affordable shipping across Australia.

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Acrylic Paint Pens

Acrylic paint pens help you create acrylic-style paintings with the precision of a pen for truly wonderful artwork. Explore our full selection of acrylic paint pens, with one of Australia’s most popular art supply retailers.

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Kit yourself out with a selection of high-quality paintbrushes to help you create your best work. With one of Australia’s largest selections of paint brushes, Articci has everything you need for your supplies.

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Painting & Palette Knives

Explore high-quality painting and palette knives from Articci, featuring a range of top-quality brands and products. Take a look at our full selection and stock your supplies with our essential accessories.

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Papers & Pads

Make sure you never run out of paper and pads with fast and affordable shipping across Australia. At Articci, we supply a wide range of paper, pads and accessories suitable for any artist, so why not see what we have and start putting pen, pencil or paintbrush to paper?

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Painting Boards

Looking for high-quality painting boards? Articci has what you’re looking for. Choose from a wide selection of painting boards, including premium painting boards, helping you create beautiful works of art to cherish and enjoy.

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Articci supplies art canvasses across Australia, with products from well-known brands in a range of sizes and styles. Get ready to create your next masterpiece with the help of fast shipping across Australia.

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An easel is a perfect tool for any artist. At Articci, we supply traditional and contemporary easels across Australia, helping to cater to the needs of different artists. From wooden to aluminium easels, we have a full selection of high-quality products to choose from.

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Markets can help you create some truly beautiful art, used alone or with other products to create your masterpiece. At Articci, we supply a wide range of markers to help you find the product you need. From acrylic-based markers to calligraphy pens, we have it all in our store.

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With a large range of products, Articci has everything you need to unleash the artist in you. Got a question or need help with a product? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help. 

Starter Art Kits

Starting your art journey? View our starter kits to get you set up and creating in no time!



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Very helpful and informative. Thank you.

Sue Brown

Received my inktense blocks today. Can't wait to use them! Brilliant service and fast delivery. Plus order came with a nice little hand written message. Highly recommended!!

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Service was very good


Very friendly with lots of experience , advice & great range of products 🙌 Thx team 😎

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Learn to paint flowers in close focus detail...

Anyone can paint beautiful blooms, all you need is the right teacher! In 4 days, Tracy will teach you how you can paint stunning flowers (even complicated ones) even if you have never painted before and "can't draw a stick figure". This is the perfect course for a beginner to learn how to paint in oils and the skills you learn in this workshop will allow you to then paint almost anything!


Close Focus Flowers Painting Workshop
Loose & Luscious Landscapes
Impasto Palette Knife Painting Workshop
Ocean Scapes Painting Workshop
Resin Masterclass Workshop
Alcohol Inks
Break Free with Watercolours and Inks
Colour Explorations
Abstract Wonderland
Coral Reef Painting Workshop
Semi Abstract Floral Painting Workshop
Art Explorations



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