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Buy Fineliner Pens Online Australia

At Articci, we love artists and that is why we support your creations all over Australia with our nationwide delivery services. Based in Gold Coast, we are the preferred partner for our local artists, whether professional or amateur. We are proud to support artists of all backgrounds and inspirations with top-quality fineliners. 

The fineliner pen is the most commonly overlooked tool in art supplies. A good fine liner drawing pen can last for several years when it is stored properly. Are you unsure how to make the most of your fineliners or even how they differ from technical pens? We’re here to help. Our knowledgeable and passionate team runs regular workshops and classes to help you get familiar with the different art supplies available. 

Fineliners are a favourite of ours because they are incredibly versatile and can provide fantastic results. We often recommend a fine liner pen for marking contours in a pencil sketch. Depending on your needs and drawing style, you may pick a pen based on the feel of the nig, the resistance to alcohol-based markers, or even the control it gives you on the line. That’s why, at Articci, we have a vast range of choices for all our artists! 

Fineliners are disposable, and they come up much cheaper than technical pens for a high sketching and drawing quality. However, we appreciate that frequent buyers may want a loyalty discount. That’s why you can become a member of the Articci shop and save up to 20% when you buy fineliners.

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