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Art Spectrum Soft Pastels


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Art Spectrum Pastels are made with the very best pigments providing pure, intense, brilliant colours. Triple milled, they have a rich velvety finish. The range includes specific Australian colours, ideal for drawing landscapes.

All Art Spectrum pure pigment pastels are free from heavy metals, asbestos or other toxic substances.  Australian made.

Colours are marked X, V, T, P, N, D to indicate the shade/tint of the colour as follows:

  • X: Extra Tinted
  • V: Very Tinted
  • T: Tinted
  • P: Pure
  • N: Nero (Black)
  • D: Darkest
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Weight0.02 kg
Dimensions7 × 2 × 2 cm

Titanium White 500P, Ivory Black 598P, Burnt Umber 552V, Warm White 501P, Warm Grey 584X, Warm Grey 584V, Warm Grey 584T, Warm Grey 584P, Warm Grey 584N, Cool Grey 582X, Cool Grey 582V, Cool Grey 582T, Cool Grey 582P, Cool Grey 582N, Raw Umber 550X, Raw Umber 550V, Raw Umber 550T, Raw Umber 550P, Raw Umber 550N, Australian Grey 596P, Caput Mortuum 554X, Caput Mortuum 554V, Caput Mortuum 554T, Caput Mortuum 554P, Caput Mortuum 554N, Pilbara Red 518T, Pilbara Red 518P, Pilbara Red 518N, Light Red 546T, Light Red 546P, Burnt Sienna 548X, Burnt Sienna 548V, Burnt Sienna 548T, Burnt Sienna 548P, Burnt Sienna 548N, Australian Red Gold 549P, Burnt Umber 552X, Burnt Umber 552V, Burnt Umber 552T, Burnt Umber 552P, Burnt Umber 552N, Burnt Umber 552D, Naples Yellow 542P, Yellow Ochre 540X, Yellow Ochre 540V, Yellow Ochre 540T, Yellow Ochre 540P, Raw Sienna 544V, Raw Sienna 544T, Raw Sienna 544P, Greenish Umber 579T, Greenish Umber 579P, Greenish Umber 579N, Australian Leaf Green Light 580V, Australian Leaf Green Light 580T, Australian Leaf Green Light 580P, Australian Leaf Green Dark 576P, Green Grey 574T, Green Grey 574P, Green Grey 574N, Oxide of Chromium 562T, Oxide of Chromium 562P, Terre Verte 560T, Terre Verte 560P, Grass Green 573V, Grass Green 573P, Grass Green 573N, Yellow Green 572T, Yellow Green 572P, Phthalo Green 570X, Phthalo Green 570V, Phthalo Green 570T, Phthalo Green 570P, Phthalo Green 570N, Phthalo Green 570D, Australian Leaf Green Blue 578V, Australian Leaf Green Blue 578T, Australian Leaf Green Blue 578P, Turquoise 535T, Turquoise 535P, Phthalo Blue 530X, Phthalo Blue 530V, Phthalo Blue 530T, Phthalo Blue 530P, Phthalo Blue 530N, Tasman Blue 523T, Tasman Blue 523P, Spectrum Blue 524T, Spectrum Blue 524P, Ultramarine Blue 526X, Ultramarine Blue 526V, Ultramarine Blue 526T, Ultramarine Blue 526P, Ultramarine Blue 526N, Blue Grey 527V, Blue Grey 527T, Blue Grey 527P, Indigo 534V, Indigo 534T, Indigo 534P, Prussian Blue 528T, Prussian Blue 528P, Prussian Blue 528D, Jacaranda 522X, Jacaranda 522V, Jacaranda 522T, Jacaranda 522P, Flinders Blue Violet 520X, Flinders Blue Violet 520V, Flinders Blue Violet 520T, Flinders Blue Violet 520P, Flinders Blue Violet 520N, Flinders Blue Violet 520D, Flinders Red Violet 517X, Flinders Red Violet 517V, Flinders Red Violet 517T, Flinders Red Violet 517P, Flinders Red Violet 517N, Flinders Red Violet 517D, Permanent Rose 514T, Permanent Rose 514P, Bourdeaux 513X, Bourdeaux 513V, Bourdeaux 513T, Bourdeaux 513P, Bourdeaux 513N, Crimson 512X, Crimson 512V, Crimson 512T, Crimson 512P, Spectrum Red Deep 510T, Spectrum Red Deep 510P, Spectrum Red 508V, Spectrum Red 508T, Sepctrum Red 508P, Poppy Red 511P, Coral 507T, Coral 507P, Spectrum Orange 506X, Spectrum Orange 506T, Spectrum Orange 506P, Golden Yellow 509V, Golden Yellow 509T, Golden Yellow 509P, Spectrum Yellow 504X, Spectrum Yellow 504V, Spectrum Yellow 504T, Spectrum Yellow 504P, Lemon Yellow 502X, Lemon Yellow 502T, Lemon Yellow 502P

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