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Atelier Universal Medium/Varnish


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The Atelier Universal Medium/ Varnish is a medium and varnish rolled into one making it extremely versatile with the ability to create multiple effects and finishes.

As a medium, use to loosen paint for easier brush-ability and a more fluid consistency, reducing viscosity and making layers dry faster – perfect for layering or glazing.

As a varnish you can achieve a gloss finish or a satin finish depending on how you apply. First apply a seal coat with one part varnish and two parts water – this allows the varnish to penetrate and seal the paint layer so that a more concentrated varnish can be spread easily when the seal coat is dry. After the seal coat is dry, apply full strength with one or two coasts according to your taste for a gloss finish.  For a satin finish, apply two or three coats using the seat coat mixture of one part varnish to two parts water.

It is recommended to test out with your paints first to ensure the desired finish is achieved as Atelier Universal Medium & Varnish is non-removable.

Directions: First apply a coat to the painted surface to seal (equal parts water/varnish). Once this first level of varnish has penetrated and sealed the paint layer let it dry fully. A more concentrated varnish level can now be applied. By using direct from the bottle a gloss finish can be achieved. Alternatively thin down with water for a more satin like glazed finish. Non-toxic.


  • As a medium it creates a more fluid consistency and improves brush-ability
  • Perfect for glazing and layering and speeds drying time.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Varnishing gives good colour saturation.
  • Different levels of finish can be achieved by adding water from a low sheen to a high gloss.
  • As a water-based varnish it is comparable to a solvent varnish.
  • Varnish is non-removable.
  • Clean up with mild soap and cool water.
  • Water-based and Non-Toxic
  • Made in Australia
  • 250ml


Weight0.34 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 23 cm


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