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Liquitex Matte Medium


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Liquitex Matte Medium is a good all-purpose medium that increases the fluidity and reduces the sheen in your acrylic paints. It can also be used to prepare your painting surface. It creates a matte, non reflecting finish when added to your acrylic paints. It increases the transparency and extends colour of the paint, increases film integrity, eases flow of the paint, adds flexibility and can be used for matte glazes

You can mix with Gloss Medium to vary the surface effects from matte to gloss. Matte Medium is also a good strong adhesive for collages and an excellent size for canvas. It can be used as a fixative for graphic materials without increasing gloss or shine (mix with 1/2 water).

Opaque when wet, translucent when dry.


  • Reduces surface gloss, increases colour depth and transparency
  • Lowers viscosity of heavier body paints, giving increased flow
  • Extends your colour further without affecting acrylic stability
  • Maintains paint adhesion, durability and archival quality
  • Fully intermixable with all Liquitex products
  • Mix with Gloss Medium to create a custom satin fluid medium
  • This is semi-opaque when wet, transparent when dry
  • Apply with a brush/sponge as a lightweight collage glue

237ml, 473ml

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