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POSCA Mop’r PCM-22 – Uniball

The POSCA MOP’R is a completely new and unique way to enjoy POSCA ink. The POSCA MOP’R PCM-22 has round foam rubber pad in a squeezable bottle. More than a marker, the POSCA MOP’R can be used to create not only wide lines, but drips, circles, splashes and sprays of colour.  Like all POSCA markers, the MOP’R contains water based lightfast pigment ink, which can be mixed and overlayed with other colours.

Create large creations thanks to the ergonomic shape squeezable bottle, it allows for complete ink control for endless possibilities. POSCA MOP’R offers a new artistic experience by using it both upright and upside down to create: large scale drawings, extra bold lines, controlled dripping stamp effect and fill in large areas.

  • The large reservoir is ergonomic and comfortable to hold.
  • The MOP’R can be held in different orientations controlling the flow.
  • No alcohol, solvents or resins means it is practically odourless making it a great tool for indoors and outdoor activities.
  • Non toxic means it is safe to use by all including young artists.
  • The water based ink is mixable and water soluble however can adhere to all surfaces
  • The large rubber foam MOP tip covers large areas quickly with a stroke width of 3mm – 19mm depending on the pressure applied to it.
  • The MOP’R can accomplish many techniques and styles including drip, splash, blown, perfect round dots, depth creation and mixing of colours.

To Prime: Shake the marker firmly with the cap closed. The inner ball, helps to mix the paint. On a separate sheet of paper from the creative surface, press the tip repeatedly to soak in the colour. Test to remove any excess of paint. You are ready to go! If the flow of colour becomes weaker during the creation process, repeat the priming process.

  • For an ultra-wide line, simply run your POSCA MOP’R on the surface.
  • For dripping, hold the marker upside down and increase the flow of paint.
  • For perfect circles, simply apply the tip without applying pressure.
  • For a splash effect, saturate the tip before dapping your surface with one press.
  • For a spray effect, blow vigorously when the tip is saturated with paint.

The drying time will vary depending on the thickness of the layer of paint applied to the surface.

Store upright to avoid the foam in the tip becoming blocked by dried paint.

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Weight0.13 kg
Dimensions9.5 × 9 × 18 cm

Black, White, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Pink

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