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Atelier Liquefying Medium


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Atelier Liquefying Medium

Atelier Liquefying Medium is a water-based medium which increases the fluidity of acrylic paint. It is ideal for detailed fine line work and airbrushing techniques.

Atelier Liquefying Medium reduces the viscosity and increases the flow of paint which allows you to easily cover large areas evenly.

For slow drying wet-in-wet techniques use only with Atelier Interactive acrylic paints. Can be used with any brand of acrylic paint for increasing fluidity.

Reduce paint viscosity and extend paint whilst maintaining maximum covering power. Add medium to paint with a stirring action until the desired viscosity is reached.

Additions of 50/50 paint and medium produce very fluid even-spreading paint for fine detail. Allow to stand for 5 minutes before using.

For airbrushing techniques mix liquefying medium to artists acrylic, stirring in small amounts until an ink-like consistency is reached. If necessary add water to adjust to suit the airbrush.


  • Use for extending paint whilst maintaining covering power.
  • Turn your artists acrylics into airbrushing paints.
  • Clean up with mild soap and cool water.
  • Water based and non-toxic.
  • Australian Made and Owned

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