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Solid Gouache Sticks – 24 pack


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What to paint without the mess? Packaged in ‘glue stick-like’ retractable plastic casings, Playcolor water-based gouache sticks are for you… just uncap, twist and paint! They can be applied directly or mix with water to create a variety of different effects.

Playcolor solid gouache paint sticks are great for painting on paper, cardboard, wood, and more. The bright, opaque and vibrant colours of Playcolor solid gouache paint sticks are quick drying, won’t crack when dry, and best of all… won’t wrinkle the paper. The bright, vibrant colours are versatile too and, when pressing lightly, the results look like pastel. When pressing firmly, the results look like traditional gouache paint colour.

Playcolor Art Gouache standard size stick measure 16 x 60mm (10gm).

These bright, opaque gouache sticks are brilliant for sketching and painting in an easy, clean and practical way.  Perfect for wood, paper, canvas, cardboard, wood, etc.  Apply directly or use with water for different watercolor effects.  Extremely easy to spread.  Quick drying. Doesn’t wrinkle paper.  Great fun!!!

COLORS INCLUDE: white, yellow (x3), orange, red, green (x2), turquoise, blue (x2), violet (x2), fuchsia, pink, flesh, sanguine, garnet, brown, tobacco, ochre, bluish grey and black.

Weight0.610 kg
Dimensions29.5 × 21.5 × 2 cm

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