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Langridge Oil Glazing Gel


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Langridge Oil Glazing Gel

Langridge Oil Glazing Gel has a fast drying capacity, damar resin based medium giving lasting brilliance and luminosity when mixed with oils colours allowing for modern glazing technique. Thixotropic medium with a soft gel consistency designed for bold glazing.

When mixed with paint and applied vigorously with brushes or palette knife the medium becomes highly fluid allowing easy brushing. As soon as the medium stops being moved it immediately ‘sets up’ and does not drip or lose its position. Artists can utilise this high degree of manipulation for a very robust brush-marking technique without the thick application of paint.

Langridge Oil Glazing Gel may to be added to oil colours in quantities at the discretion of the artist. It can be used as an all-round flow medium for extending colours. Fast drying to allow for the rapid build up of paint layers.

As more medium is added to the oil colour so the opacity of the resulting paint will be reduced. Bold glazes can be applied that can hold marks including brush, sgraffito and frottage techniques. The layer of transparent paint (or glaze) should sit on top of the existing painted areas not unlike a layer of coloured film, that is, altering the colour of oil colours beneath without obscuring the form.

Langridge Oil Glazing Gel has a high Linseed Oil content and, as such, is a ‘fat’ medium. It should not to be used for underpainting if oil colours with no additional medium are to be applied on top. Note: Over-use of Oil Glazing Gel with pale colours may cause yellowing.

Dries to a gloss finish.



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